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The Real Reason Why You Aren't Putting Yourself First

The Real Reason Why You Aren't Putting Yourself First

After spending years watching the women close to me (my mother, aunts, bosses, colleagues, and friends) what I quickly learned was that women have been conditioned by society to take care of everyone and everything else first. We are deemed care takers. You might be thinking, “if I don’t do it, who will?”

You're working 50+ hours a week, caring for family members, and trying to keep up socially, just to name a few things on your ever-growing to-do list.

You're afraid to change this narrative, or better yet, don’t believe you can achieve that soft life you want. So you often avoid, and distract yourself, doing all the things and taking care of everyone else.

Stop the presses, we aren't continuing with this scenario! I'm going to be real with you. You're missing one of the most important, and foundational steps to prioritizing self-care. If you don’t get it right now, it could cost you your health and wellness later down the line. It had to be said!

Most women THINK they are too busy, or don’t have time — what they’re missing is this CRUCIAL step, that comes before anything else; you are approaching self-care all wrong. What you need is a mindset change!

You do have the time! You just aren’t implementing self-care that is unique to your Human Design. When you create self-care that aligns with you, it becomes easy. You begin to weave it into your daily life with ease. It’s not something you have to “prioritize”. You start to become, “her”, living the life you envisioned. A life full of comfort and joy!

Without self-care that is unique to your Human Design, you continue to try to prioritize your self-care, but end up distracted, and avoid. You try to make things happen with a quick face mask, bubble bath, Netlifx, and glass of wine… but miss the mark.

What is Human Design? Human Design is a combination of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics, organized in a logical system. By inputting your birthdate, time, and location, the Human Design Chart, also known as the BodyGraph, can be computed to uncover your genetic blueprint.

With Human Design, I've personally been able to find what works best for my body, and better listen to my body's needs. Here's what works for me as an emotional projector:

  1. I'm no longer doing long self-care routines (skincare, red light, meditation, journaling, tea all in one morning). Less is more for me, with a focus on one thing I really like. Sunday evenings are all about a good face mask and gua sha routine.
  2. Movement every day. Short meaningful workouts at 70-80%, with breaks do well for me like HITT training (although right now I'm focusing on lowering cortisol, so I’m doing walks, and barre because I love it, and I'm happy when doing these exercises).
  3. I've said goodbye to rushing out of bed and jumping online for work (my 9-5 is work from home). I have been enjoying slow mornings where I take time to start the day with tea, lofi beats in the background, lighting incense and candles before I sit down to work. Same goes for my evenings. I don't just jump in bed, I get in bed and read till I’m sleepy.

This is just an example of what has been working for me now that I know what my specific Human Design is. I share all this with you because I want you to be able to find what works for your and your body, just like I have! A life where self-care is easy, and comes naturally. I've spent the last few months creating a guide to help you find your uniquely designed self-care.  It's the handbook you've always wanted in life, giving you direction on what works and doesn't when it comes to caring for yourself. All in a ready to download pdf. Take a look at mine (yep I'm letting you get to know me and what self-care looks like for my unique design). Click the image below to browse my own guide.

Crystal Uniquely Designed Selfcare & Wellness Plan

Each guide is dynamically created based on your Human Design details from over 80 hours of written insights, and worksheets designed by yours truly. The best part is, it's FREE right now during the beta launch! You can grab yours HERE. I'm also offering an upgrade for FREE one-on-one coaching. I look forward to working with you and helping you on your self-care journey!


Xoxo, Crystal 



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