I'm Crystal! I started an Instagram boutique called Douglas Lynn back in 2018. Since then it's evolved and changed into something that matters, prioritizing selfcare and wellness for women. It all started with burnout that led to bliss.

Empire State Of Mind: All that glitters isn't gold
It was August 2017, I sat in my cubicle, feeling away... Overwhelmed by grueling hours, workplace bullying, and sacrificing personal relationships. I decided to walk away from my high-paying job at a top New York ad agency.

The weight lifted as I dropped everything, grabbed my belongings, and walked out of the building, resisting that very day. Being jobless, with bills coming my way, wasn't even a thought at the moment. I embraced the moment.

Still Addicted: Deconditioning is hard
During my morning workout, I watched breaking news, COVID-19 had reached New York. I glanced around the empty gym and decided to work from home that day. I had only been at the new agency for about six months.

After my epic walkout, I landed a job that provided me with rest, appreciation, and community. It only lasted 2 years. Layoffs and a re-org sent me packing. Old habits die hard... I went back to agency life. I began to question if I had failed myself as I nervously envisioned what was ahead.

Little did I know... that a global lockdown would show me what truly mattered, and initiate a chapter of true healing and change.

A Global Disaster: When the universe conspires for you
Who knew a global pandemic would be what stopped me in my tracks. Like many, I began to realize what wasn't working in my life (expectations, hustle culture, thankless jobs, running from here to there, no rest, no time for myself). I decided I didn't want that anymore, and it became clear what I did: a life of rest, a slower life, being appreciated, meaningful work, creating what was important to me. Putting my health and wellness first became a priority! If it didn't bring joy or comfort, it was a no!

Becoming HER: Creating the new me
I started to plan and create who I wanted to be, what that looked like, and took control of my health and wellness. I dove head first into mornings full of meditation with tarot cards, breath work, music therapy, journaling, movement that I enjoyed, cooking whole foods with love and care, camping, taking on hobbies and projects I loved (I brought back my Instagram boutique), therapy, trying new beauty rituals, and setting boundaries.

I also said goodbye...to the agency life and took on a job that was truly meant for me to rest, while sharing my skills and talent. 

To Be Continued...
The journey has just begun
That brings us to today and the future. I went back to school and became a NASM Certified Wellness Coach. I wanted to continue my studies, really learning how to coach from a holistic perspective. As of January 2024 I"'m studying at the Holistic Coach Training Institute. I'm also continuing to refine the brand of Daily Ritual Boutique to match the mission, finding my voice to really share my story, struggles, experience, and knowledge, so I can help you! Oh, did I mention I"'m still deconditioning... it's a journey, but every day I get closer to the life I want, and putting myself first.

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