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Uniquely Designed Self-care & Wellness


Are you sabotaging
your health & wellness?

If you’re done feeling guilty every time you try to put yourself first, and you’re ready to focus, saying goodbye to life's distractions...


Then it’s time to learn how to cheat at prioritizing your self-care, and get away with it, without feeling a way.

The real reason why you aren’t putting yourself first, despite everything you’re doing.


After spending years watching the women close to me (my mother, aunts, bosses, colleagues, and friends) what I quickly learned was that women have been conditioned by society to take care of everyone and everything else first. We are deemed care takers. You might be thinking, “if I don’t do it, who will?”


You're working 50+ hours a week, caring for family members, and trying to keep up socially, just to name a few things on your ever-growing to-do list.


You're afraid to change this narrative, or better yet, don’t believe you can achieve that soft life you want. So you often avoid, and distract yourself, doing all the things and taking care of everyone else.


Stop the presses, we aren't continuing with this scenario! I'm going to be real with you. You're missing one of the most important, and foundational steps to prioritizing self-care. If you don’t get it right now, it could cost you your health and wellness later down the line. It had to be said!


“Relaxing, I haven't done much of it in the last 4 years.”

Tracy R; Daily Ritual Community Member


Most women THINK they are too busy, or don’t have time — what they’re missing is this CRUCIAL step, that comes before anything else; y
ou are approaching self-care all wrong. What you need is a mindset change!

You do have the time! You just aren’t implementing self-care that is unique to your Human Design. When you create self-care that aligns with you, it becomes easy. You begin to weave it into your daily life with ease. It’s not something you have to “prioritize”. You start to become, “her”, living the life you envisioned. A life full of comfort and joy!


Without self-care that is unique to your Human Design, you continue to try to prioritize your self-care, but end up distracted, and avoid. You try to make things happen with a quick face mask, bubble bath, Netlifx, and glass of wine… but miss the mark.






A trauma response to avoid dealing with what is really going on



Inability to change or achieve the life you want, a softer life, being “her”



The motivation and care

for yourself is gone


Not having an awareness of what your body needs and wants


X Avoiding what's really going on, putting yourself first.


X The thought of not being able to achieve the life you want.


X The lack of motivation.


X Not listening to your body's needs.


X Where it becomes too late, and your health begins to fail.

X Where you are unable to be your best for others, living with low energy, and continued excuses.

X Where you slowly lose yourself.

X Where you become burnt out.


You know that your unique makeup regulates stress best with heart pumping exercises. No more staying up late binging Netflix as a way to mindlessly unwind and de-stress. You decide to give cross fit a try (it's on the way home from work, your social and love community). You now look forward to the group gossip during warm up at cross fit. You squat, pump, press, and row away the day's stress while hitting times goals on daily WODs, and getting support from your fellow members. Cross fit quickly becomes your favorite hobby while getting in stress reducing, heart pumping workouts that also benefit your overall health. You’ve also uncovered that mixing in the arts, such as dancing and creative work, help release the negative emotional energy that pushes you toward eating your feelings, instead of feeling them. You now dance away heartbreak to Adele, hip hop out your anger, and feel empowered with J Lo.


The beauty of this, is that you didn’t have to “try to prioritize” anything. Everything is purposeful, easy, joyful, and flows with you. Your life is full of rituals and practices that you look forward to, and can't wait to do.


I believe that taking care of yourself is not a luxury, but a necessity, and I’m here to make that process easier for you. Even though I curate the best self-care tools to help you relax, unwind, and nourish your body and soul, I want to expand on this, and give you more! Trust me, a good mani-pedi can make any girls' day... a long soak in the tub... take me away. But let’s be honest, self-care is so personal, and unique to your life and human design. I'm here to help spiral up, by taking the guess work out of what you should be doing.





I believe that true transformations begin with self-awareness, and I’m committed to helping you discover what you need to feel your best. I’m obsessed with all things self-care, and currently studying to become a National Sports Medicine Certified Wellness Coach. I’m here to guide you through the process, offering personalized advice and support to help you achieve your goals. 



A custom routine tailored to your unique human design.



Healthy habits & rituals that align with you, is mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical



Self-care that’s not an afterthought, it fits into your daily life with ease.


"Whatever brings you joy, and takes you away from the stressors in your life, give time and energy to it.”

Rhonda L; Daily Ritual Community Member 





Uniquely Designed Self-care & Wellness

Uniquely Designed Self-care Plans with all the answers, steps and details you need for ultimate wellness, based on your unique makeup, a.k.a Human Design.




Human Design is a combination of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics, organized in a logical system. By inputting your birthdate, time, and location, the Human Design Chart, also known as the BodyGraph, can be computed to uncover your genetic blueprint.





Uniquely Designed Self-care Plan

$65 free during beta launch

You now have access to what I like to call "your cosmic blueprint". It's the handbook you've always wanted in life, giving you direction on what works and doesn't when it comes to caring for yourself. All in a ready to download pdf. Each report is dynamically created based on your Human Design details from over 80 hours of written insights, and worksheets designed by yours truly.


Your human design

bodygraph chart


A breakdown of

what works

& doesn't for you



self-care rituals

Self-care roadmap & weekly self-care tracker







Uniquely Designed Wellness Coaching

$750 for 3 months, free during beta launch, 3 month minimum (only 3 spots open)

Designed specifically for those of you looking for a little more one-on-one help. I’ll work with you to take your Unique Self-care Plan to the next level. Together we will lift the ideas and suggestions off paper into reality. We will talk through each strategy I provided from your body graph, and weave them into your everyday life with a balanced approach. I’ll be with you every step of the way to answer questions, offer support, guidance, accountability, and motivation. Like a big sister and best friend  



We work on defining self-care and mindset work. The way you are approaching self-care now has to change.





We review where you are now, your goals, and what works, or doesn't based on your Human Design bodygraph.





You begin to implement new & suggested self-care rituals into your daily life. We also talk about expectations, & your overall road map to success.




You get one 45-minute call each week for three months. All calls are via Google Meetings.



 You get one weekly Voxer check-in, that’s a chance to ask additional questions, and for me to check in with you.



No need to take a bunch of notes, I've got you covered. I'll create an email recap of our one-on-one, and include action items for you after each weekly call.






Uniquely Designed
Self-care Plan


Access to what I like to call "your cosmic blueprint". It's the handbook you've always wanted in life, giving you direction on what works and doesn't when it comes to caring for yourself.


Uniquely Designed
Wellness Coaching


Designed specifically for those of you looking for a little more one-on-one help. The upgrade to your Uniquely Designed Self-care Plan.





things people ask


are unique self-care plans instant downloads?

Yes, after you provide your date of birth, birth time, and birth location you will be prompted to pay. Once you payment goes through, you will be able to download your self-care plan. You will also be emailed a download link.

how do I schedule my one-on-one time for coaching?

You will be taken to a schedule window when purchasing coaching. You will be able to select from available dates and times for each week.

are unique self-care plans custom?

Yes! I utilize body graph chart software that dynamically creates Human Design reports that I have pre-written insights for all variables. When you put in your birthdate, birth time, and birth location it pulls together the appropriate insights based on your Human Design bodygraph.


do unique self-care plans come with one-on-one coaching?

Yes they do! Your unique self-care plan is the foundation for this package. We will work together to take the information from your plan into real life with one-on-one coaching.

are refunds available for self-care plans & coaching?

All sales are final for self-care plans and one-on-one coaching. If you need to reschedule coaching calls, please reach out to discuss details.

is this guaranteed to improve me self-care?

Only you can guarantee your success. I'm here to help guide you, and support you. While your Uniquely Designed Self-care Plan is a tool, and blueprint to get you to where you want to be. At the end of the day if you don't take action and try, then you won't get the success you want.