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Out With The Old - In With The New

Out With The Old - In With The New

Our season is almost here, FALL!!! Apple picking, cozy layers, comfy nights in, changing leaves. It also means a lot of us will be cleaning out our closets and updating them with new seasonal loungewear. I just cleaned out a lot of old pieces myself. Two boxes full of clothes and shoes I can no longer fit, have severed their purpose, and boutique samples are going to live a second life.

This clean out prompted me to share with you how to responsibly get rid of old loungewear (or any clothes for that matter), while responsibly updating your closet. I also wanted to share with you how Douglas Lynn makes it a bit easier.

How To Responsibly Get Rid Of Old Loungewear

  • ThredUp - I think we all know about this one, it's an online resale site that takes your older, but still in good shape clothes to sell. Get your resale bag HERE. Oh, did we mention that you can make a little extra change for anything that is sold. That's a win!
  • Poshmark, Mercari, Ebay, Facebook Market Place - Sell you the pieces that you have that are in decent condition. Sing up for any of these sites, create a listing and see if you can sell it. Keep in mind, it helps if it's a piece/style that is popular, trending, or in demand.
  • For Days - Order a recycling bag for $6 - $20, based on bag size/amount you are returning. They recycle the used clothing into new clothing. Get yours HERE.
  • USAgain - Clothes are graded and sent to second hand shops. Drop off locations are located around the US. Click to find yours HERE.
  • ZeroWaste Boxy Terracycle - It's a bit pricey, but it's one of the few options to actually  recycle your textiles, including items that you can't typically donate. If you don't want to buy a box check to see if a drop-off location is near you. Click HERE to learn more.

How To Responsibly Buy New Loungewear

  • Look for sustainable fabrics that can be easily recycled, or break down.
  • Shop with the intention of keeping items for as long as possible.
  • Take inventory of what you need and purchase accordingly (it's hard, I know because I love to shop and buy the trends).
  • Purchase items you know you can repurpose or upcycle.
  • Create capsule collections and practice minimalism with just a few items that you can easily mix and match, as well as cross seasons.

Our Model & How We Work Towards Sustainability

We are doing our best to follow a slow fashion model. Read on to see what we are doing.

  • We ship direct from the vendor to you to cut down on idle inventory and unneeded shipping (plus we are able to offer you free shipping 😉)
    • It allows us to test what works and doesn't for our customers. 
    • This also helps vendors send out only what is needed. If it sells well, they produce more based on sales.
  • Quality matters, and I personally test all pieces that make the boutique. I make sure the quality isn't just throw away. I want you to be able to enjoy your purchase for some time, not just one wear or one wash.
  • I try to source sustainable fabrics when available. Our summer collection was made of Bamboo Viscose and Organic Pre-shrunk Cotton. Other items on the boutique are made of 100% Cotton.
  • When we do hold inventory at our office, it's only a small, limited size run.
  • We donate, resell, or give away what we can't sell.
  • We don't have a new collection drop every week, nor do we have an ever ending selection. I source what fits the general need of our customers, following the seasons. I also make sure items are simple and not too over the top, so they can be worn over and over again easily (I call it Lounge Love).

Hopefully this helps you with getting rid of old loungewear (clothing), but also get you thinking about how to buy new loungewear (clothing). If you have any questions about what we are doing, or suggestions, leave a comment.


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