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Blush Satin Sleep Cap

Blush Satin Sleep Cap

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Meet your new bedtime buddy, the Satin Sleep Cap! It's not just a cap; it's your secret weapon for happy hair. Picture this: you wake up with perfect curls, waves, or locks, all thanks to this snug little wonder.  It keeps your hair safe from frizz, breakage, and all the nighttime hair dramas.

Why We Love It: It's like a cozy bonnet that helps your hair stay healthy, keeps waves, curls, and braids in place. Bonus, it can improve the look and feel of your hair – all while you catch those Zs!

Beauty Benefits

Hello, Frizz-Free Mornings: The satin charmuese is like a superhero cape for your hair, ensuring you wake up looking fabulous.

Lock in the Moisture: Pop on your Satin Sleep Cap with your fave leave-in conditioner to keep your hair's natural oils right where they belong.

Goodbye, Breakage: No more waking up to strands on your pillow. This cap is here to keep your hair healthy and happy.
Your Hair's Best Friend: Manage your hair effortlessly, whether it's keeping your braids and waves on point or just maintaining that natural oil goodness.

The Ritual

1. After washing up and prepping for bed, grab your crap and get ready to prep your hair.

2. Comb, brush, massage scalp, moisturize hair, then wrap, set or gather as needed.

3. Place cap on hair with tail in back. Wrap ties around cap/head and tie with a bow to secure.

4. Fall asleep and dream sweet dreams, waking up to


100% satin charmeuse

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