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'Lucid Dreams' Tarot Deck

'Lucid Dreams' Tarot Deck

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Dive Deep into Unconventional Self-Care with the Lucid Dreams Beginner Tarot Deck Edition IV! 🌈💕

When self-care comes to mind, many envision calming baths, tranquil meditation sessions, or perhaps a revitalizing spa day. Yet, beyond these traditional notions lies a world of unique self-care methods, tailor-made to resonate with our individual souls. One such method that's both personal and transformative is the art of Tarot.

Introducing the Lucid Dreams Beginner Tarot Deck Edition IV—a magical journey for your soul and a fresh addition to your self-care ritual. Crafted for those quiet moments of introspection and journaling, this deck consists of 78 mesmerizing cards, each bordered with matte gold and adorned with shimmering gold foil designs, presented on luxurious linen card stock with an exquisite 'soft touch' finish. To aid in your practice, it comes with a comprehensive 200-page pocket guidebook and a keepsake card box for storing your deck.

Finding that perfect unconventional self-care practice can be transformative. And while every method might not resonate with all, the journey of exploration can be incredibly rewarding. Let this Tarot deck be your guide to self-discovery and embracing the magic within.

Stay magical, cherish yourself in all the unique ways you know, and may the Tarot illuminate your path! 🌟🌌

Why We Love It: It's a simple tool that can transform your life! It has the ability to push you to go inwards, practice mindfulness, and intuition, which  is often missing in most self-care. 


The Ritual

Take time to bless your deck and get to know them. When ready, create a quiet, safe space full of things you love. This is where you will work with your cards. Set up a card cloth, and start your ritual. Shuffle, pull, and reflect. We recommend journaling your reflections and reviewing as needed. For tips on how to journal with your tarot cards, check out the outline in the image carousel above.

What's In The Box

• 78-card deck with all Major and Minor Arcana Cards as per the traditional RW Tarot
• Beautiful matte gold card edges for a touch of magic
• Gold foil design details on card front & back
• Luxe linen card stock with 'soft touch' finish
• Traditional Tarot card size 2.75x4.75"/ 70x121mm

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