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The Art of Relaxing

The Art of Relaxing

In our fast-paced, go go go, I can do it all culture, rest isn't talked about enough. Mark Black said it best, "sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax". It's important to take time for yourself so you can recharge, be present, enjoy the time you have, and  prevent future health issues caused by stress and overworking.

So what does it look like to relax?


"Rest or engage in an enjoyable activity so as to become less tired or anxious"  ~ Dictionary

The team at Douglas Lynn considers relaxing to be an art, it's not something you just do. It's the time you spend enjoying what you are doing, and something that should be planned and executed to it's best. So, how do you relax? What does it look like when you plan time for yourself? Think about it, and then create a plan that is full of joy! 

"My favorite way to relax is setting up a clean quiet space, with soft relaxing music, and diffusing essential oils or a candle. I then work on my beauty routine which can include an at home mani pedi, and face mask. I also like to grab a copy of In Style to read. I end the day with a movie that's on my watch list. " ~ Crystal Gardner, Owner | Douglas Lynn

So... how do you relax? Take some time to think about it and make a plan. Plan that time into your schedule and be purposeful about it.



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