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Finding Your Voice + Speaking Up = Self-care

Finding Your Voice + Speaking Up = Self-care

In this month's blog post, I'm sharing nine tips to find your voice and use it! Using your voice will help you set boundaries, communicate what you need/want, and build confidence. It's an important part of selfcare we often overlook and don't consider.

Bonus, I'll also provide three steps to challenge yourself that you can start today. For the bookworms among us, there's a curated reading list for an even deeper dive!

Golden Nuggets for Sharing Your Voice

Ever felt that little tug in your heart, urging you to voice your thoughts, but found yourself holding back? It's okay. Many of us have been there. Speaking up is a form of self-care, and when you don't, you might feel you're neglecting a part of yourself. Remember, your voice, your thoughts, your feelings—they all matter. To help you become the champion of your own voice, here are nine gems of wisdom:

1. Discover Your Values
When you're clear about what warms your heart and what irks you, you'll naturally find the moments that truly matter to voice out.

2. Be Prepared
If you're a little shy about speaking up, prep in advance. Think of it like rehearsing for your favorite play, so when the scene comes, you're ready to shine.

3. Baby Steps
If the idea of speaking up feels big, start tiny. Like sharing your thoughts with a close friend.

4. Pen Down Your Thoughts
Sometimes, words flow better with a pen. Jot down what you want to say, and use it as your personal script.

5. Grab That Early Chance
The sooner you chime in, the less time your inner critic has to make you second guess. Plus, you get to set the tone of the conversation.

6. It's Okay to Find It Tricky
Speaking up can be a mountain to climb, but the view at the top? Absolutely worth it. Remember, challenges are opportunities in disguise. (Curious about this? Check out this piece on "Realistic Optimism" HERE

7. Your Voice is Gold
Your perspective is like no other. Treasure it, believe in it, and let the world hear it.

8. Shush the What-ifs
While it's kind to think of others, don't let the fear of judgment clip your wings. If it's important to you, it's worth sharing.

9. Master the Grace of Speaking
Sometimes it's about the message, and sometimes it's about the delivery. Tact and diplomacy can be your best friends.

Get-Started Challenges! 🚀

1. Reflect on moments you held back. How did that make you feel? Jot it down.
2. Mull over something that's been on your mind. Plan a heart-to-heart about it with someone you trust.
3. Next time you're nudged to voice out, even if it's just to say you wanted almond milk instead of oat, take that leap!

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With love and encouragement, embrace the power of your voice. Because you're worth it! 💕


Xoxo, Crystal 


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