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Butterfly Luxury Shower Cap

Butterfly Luxury Shower Cap

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Let me introduce you to the Luxe Shower Cap, where pampering meets practicality. Every wash day should be an opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our chic turban design not only keeps you stylish, but also allows you to pamper yourself while deep conditioning, or keeping your newest style a little longer.

Why We Love It: It's better than your basic shower cap, and adds a little something extra to shower time!

Beauty Benefits

No-slip silicone grip ensures a secure hold, so you can indulge in a worry-free, pampering experience.

The stylish design elevates your self-care routine with a chic turban design, adding a touch of luxury to your moments of relaxation.

Provides ultimate protection featuring a waterproof design.

The elastic at the back provides a gentle, yet snug fit for your pampering sessions.

Multi-use for hair conditioning treatments or extend your current style.

The Ritual

1. Carve out some time for you, whether it's a shower or a deep conditioning treatment.
2. Gently slip the Luxe Shower Cap over your hair, no need to adjust a thing!
3. Now immerse yourself in the luxury of your shower, or relish a hair conditioning treatment with the confidence that your style and comfort are intact.


Recycled materials: 66% recycled polyethlene terephathalate, 34% polyurethane

* Hand wash and line dry only (do not tumble dry, iron, or dry clean).

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