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Relax Body Oil

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Make this part of your daily self-care ritual.

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Relax Body Oil

Relax Body Oil


Customer Reviews

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One of my absolute favorite things

I honestly cannot imagine my skin routine without it. I apply two drops of it to my face after washing in the morning and before going to bed. My skin is only a little bit dry so i need very little. A small amount is enough to sooth my skin and the scent, which i breath in deep from the palms of my hands, calms me too. This oil combined with a gentle, natural face wash is all i need to keep my skin happy.

I'm in love

I love the Relax oil, after a bath/shower before bed, I apply it, and it instantly makes me feel so good. It feels luxurious because the scent is so rich and natural.

Ms A
I bought in bulk this time!

I adore these oils! I bought 4 and gave one to a friend for her birthday. She loved the oils and I was telling her how gorgeous they are to use in the shower , after a bath, really anytime! The silky feel and the gorgeous aroma just give me such a lift and make me feel pampered and cared for:) They are my treat to myself and I share them - sometimes;) with people I love 💕