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The Art Of Relaxing

At Douglas Lynn We are all about the art of relaxing. How is relaxing an art? The Oxford Dictionary defines art as, "producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power".

We want you to create something beautiful, that fills you with an emotion of happiness and joy! The perfect way is through the ritual of self-care and relaxation. We offer candles, skincare, tea, and comfy clothes (from head to toe) for the perfect relaxing moment, giving you the chance to create something beautiful for yourself.

The 15 MIN Eye Mask

Give yourself that look of being well rested and bright-eyed in less than 15 minutes. These collagen eye patches soften and moisturizes the eye area, while Coenzyme q10 and collagen provides nutrition for brighter and firmer around the eye area.


Why we love them: We often reach for a good face mask, but forget about the delicate eye area. These little beauties have us masking our under eyes more. It's quick and easy. Just pop them on clean skin, and they do all the work, leaving skin moisturized, firm and brighter for a fresh well rested look.

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